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EMDR Therapist Listing

By May 6, 2019November 9th, 2020News

EMDR-providerEye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) has successfully treated over 2 million people of all ages. Rob Curtis is now listed as an EMDR therapist with Full Membership of the EMDR Australian Association.

For a quick, easy to follow YouTube discussion of EMDR click HERE

EDMT therapistThe growth in EMDR treatment protocols across a large range of client concerns together with its safe and engaging use with kids affords tremendous opportunity and confidence in choosing this treatment approach.

Although often used for trauma, other protocols such as those for urge reduction can treat many addictive problems while positive resource installation protocols can prepare clients to successfully deal with present and future challenges. The benefit of no homework outside of the session appeals to kids and adults alike. The mind simply continues the processing between sessions which is monitored by the therapist.

Rob believes given the support from so many international agencies such as the World Health Organisation; and Phoenix Australia-Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health that very soon Medicare Australia is expected to announce the inclusion of EMDR among its fundable treatment approaches. The NSW Attorney General Victim Counselling Service has also recently acknowledged its value to clients. For further information and to find a therapist near you, check out EMDRAA website.