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Talk Therapy has just been updated

By March 19, 2021March 23rd, 2021News

Matching the body of scientific knowledge on what works in treatment with biofeedback and neuromodulation technology is becoming an important part of meeting client expectations. This is often a powerful adjunct to talk therapy and other gold standard approaches to treatment such as EMDR and CBT.

Virtual Reality (VR) treatment is generally suited for ages 12 years+ but technology assisted treatments can suit any age. So be it online, using the laptop, desktop or using our Touchpoint Buzzies, PIP biofeedback units and Bellabee headset devices, we aim to offer a range of options in working together to free you from anxiety and fear.

It is vital that you feel you can connect with your therapist, find relevance in what is being done and feel confident in the approach used. This is what underpins the therapeutic alliance. And it’s this alliance that leads to the improvement no matter what the age.

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